With progeny going back over thousands of years, Japanese Wagyu is famous for creating the finest tasting steaks worldwide. Worstead Wagyu are raised on lush local pastures, animal welfare is our top priority and the herd enjoys unquestionable provenance.


Worstead Wagyu is a premium product for private clients and exclusive chefs. To learn more about Worstead Wagyu, click the link below.

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Norfolk Red Poll

Red Poll is a breed well known in Norfolk and Suffolk. The Norfolk Red wouldn’t have been out of place when Humphrey Repton first designed Worstead Park in the 1700s. The Red Poll is a cross of the Norfolk Red beef cattle and Suffolk Dun dairy cattle breeds making it dual purpose. The breed grows slowly and provides a lot of milk for it’s offspring which is one of the reasons why their meat is so naturally tasteful.



The Highlanders look magnificent in the setting of Worstead Park and remind the Paterson family of their Scottish roots. Some of the slowest grown beef, these hardy beasts are the piquant of low intensity livestock farming – that’s how we get the absolute best flavour.