Worstead Farms

The 2,000 acre farm is run on generational principles. This long term view has developed some of the most fertile soil in the region supplying local produce in a sustainable way. In addition to estate reared beef and venison a wide variety of commercial crops enable us to maintain a broad rotation and serve local producers including beer and cider producers. If you enjoy the local ales Norfolk has to offer, the likelihood is you’ve tasted some of our barley.

Now in its third generation, the family continue a proud record in farming established in Norfolk in the 1930s. In addition to Norfolks newest wedding venue the farm has diversified into, property development, renewable energy and country pursuits.

Property Development

During the early 20th century hundreds of staff would have worked and lived in tied cottages on the estate. Mechanisation resulted in may of these cottages falling empty and available for renovation and letting. Worstead Farms also has a long tradition in converting many of the beautiful red brink barns which pepper the landscape to domestic dwellings.

Worstead Farms works closely with The Rural Architect and have been able to deliver some of the most progressive designs and conversions in North Norfolk.

The Rural Architect

Breeding Success

Dairy cows had been central to the family’s farming. In 1925, James Paterson moved from a 70-acre hill farm in Lanarkshire, where he had been milking 35 cows down to Norfolk where he establish 4 herts on the Worstead Estate.

On their debut at Olympia in 1953, James won the International Dairy Show with Smallburgh Brenda. Then 17 years later at the capital’s last Dairy Show, at Olympia in October 1970, it was James’ son Gavin Paterson’s turn to be presented with the supreme trophy of the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers by Princess Alexandra.

Sadly in 2016 the last dairy herd on the estate was sold; however, the farm has now embarked on a new journey playing host to Norfolk’s first Wagyu herd.

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Renewable Energy

Worstead Estate has teamed up with Genatec to deliver renewable energy solutions both on the estate and further a field.

In 2015 they successfully developed a 5MW solar park on the estate. 2016 saw the erection of a 500KW wind turbine at Little Sutton in Lincolnshire (pictured right) under a joint venture deal. The estate also has a number of small solar arrays which help to reduce the carbon footprint of farming and domestic uses.


The Worstead Festival

The Worstead Festival has been run on the estate since 1966 and is still going strong today. The farm and family have always supported the charity fundraiser which is a great opportunity for all the family to come and enjoy what Worstead has to offer.

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